Kinexus Kinetica Online


This is an open-access online resource developed by Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation to foster the study of cell signalling systems to advance biomedical research in academia and industry. KiNET-Antibody Microarray (KiNET-AM) features the quantitative results from nearly 2000 Kinex™ Antibody Microarray analyses with over 1.5 million measurements of over 700 hundred different signalling proteins and phospho-sites. All of these assays were performed in-house at Kinexus and included biological specimens that have been provided by our clients in academia and industry. Over 99% of the data in KiNET has never been published elsewhere. KiNET-AM is a complementary database to our KiNET-Immunoblot DataBase, which also features measurements of protein expression and phosphorylation with Kinetworks™ Immunoblotting data from nearly 4000 biological specimens.


Antibody microarray analyses are performed with non-denatured, native proteins. Consequently, there can be a very high rate of false-positive and false-negative results, i.e., the observed change in the expression or phosphorylation of an intended target for an antibody may not be reproduced with a more reliable assay such as Western blotting. Antibodies can cross-react with off-target proteins. High density antibody microarrays rely on the immunocapture of proteins in crude cell lysates that have been labeled in vitro with a fluorescent dye. Since many proteins reside in complexes, it is possible that apparent changes in protein expression or phosphorylation can also reflect alterations in protein-protein interactions. False-negatives may result if the epitope recognized by an antibody on the microarray is not accessible when the target protein is complexed. We highly recommend that any results from this database be confirmed by Western blotting before any further follow up is undertaken. Kinexus provided such validations with our Custom Kinetworks™ Multi-immunoblotting Services at an economical price.

Browser and Speed Issues

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Due to the large size of the KiNET-AM Database, it can take over a minute to retrieve the results for some of the queries. It may not be obvious that the data is being processed during this period. This is particularly problematic for the Biological Sample Query and the retrieval of the List of Antibody ID Codes.

Getting Started

KiNET-AM is designed to be relatively easy to use, but you will have to perform preliminary queries to identify the biological samples and protein-antibody probes that you want to check for. Once you recover the Sample ID and Antibody ID codes, you can go on to undertake different types of queries, including screening for a target protein in thousands of samples or profiling a specific tissue or cell specimen for hundreds of proteins and phosphosites. You can also compare individual proteins or sets of proteins for their regulation following perturbation in thousands of different tissue or cell specimens. Through the use of built in inclusive filters, you can narrow down your searches.

Follow Up

All of the antibody probes used on the Kinex™ Antibody Microarrays were extensively tested in-house at Kinexus and are available from commercial sources. As more than 75% of the commercial antibodies that we test are impotent or non-specific, the antibody identification information is proprietary to our company. However, interested parties can contact our Technical Services Department to learn the identities of selected antibodies from the Antibody ID codes provided on this website. We can also assist you in experimentally following up on the observations recorded in KiNET-AM with our diversified platform of proteomics and bioinformatics services.

Advertising Opportunities

KiNET was initially funded with partial support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program. To further develop and sustain this free resource, we are seeking sponsorship from foundations and corporations. Interested parties should contact our Sales and Marketing Department at or call toll free in North America 1-866-KINEXUS.