Kinexus Kinetica Online


The KiNET Antibody Microarray DataBase webpages and database structure were designed by Dr. Steven Pelech. The project was implemented and coded by the Sybercode team led by Simon Ho and the following team members: Nicholas Tagle, Fausto Faioli, Igor Kozlov, and Justin Ma. The data shown was generated by the staff of Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation with biological specimens provided by the company’s clients. The sample information and data was collected and annotated by Litsa Blanis, Sara Marrello, Dr. Steven Pelech, Dr. Jane Shi, Catherine Sutter, and Dr. Hong Zhang at Kinexus. We thank the scientists from hundreds of academic and industrial laboratories for their willingness to provide open-access to the results from the Kinex™ Antibody Microarray analyses of their biological samples. This site is maintained by Dr. Arthur Yee.